Just a few months late here, but if you haven't seen... WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!!! 

After years of dating and months of excitement, on May 12th, 2018 Kasey asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Easiest question I've ever answered. YES.

Kasey and I have been together since high school (Here's the post I shared about our relationship). We have always said (& been told) that we are soulmates and have talked about buying a home, having a family, and growing old together but we felt it was right to give our relationship time to develop before making that next step. Considering we were 17 when we started dating.. We have grown together in ways that I physically can't convey through words. Ways that may just lay between the walls of our relationship. 

It wasn't until we went to Brasada for my birthday that we really started talking about it. As we wrapped up our time in college and the real world set in, we decided there wasn't a reason to wait! So... we started looking for rings and talking about it more and more.

Saturday, March 10th: Kasey asked my mama if he could marry her baby.

After spending the day going to different jewelers and trying on too many rings, we finally found THE ONE!!! We decided to top the night off by making dinner together back at my house (It was like 9 pm, we literally spent ALL day looking at rings). While the food was in the oven I went into my room alone to take an online exam for school. It wasn't ten minutes later that Kasey ran in smiling ear to ear telling me he needed to pick up some champagne... We hadn't discussed him asking for my hand in marriage THAT DAY so I had no idea what he was talking about aside from finding my dream ring. But then he followed with a whisper yell, telling me he got my mamas approval to marry me. One of the sweetest moments of my life.

If you know me, you know how much my mama means to me and how strong bond is. I knew she was going to say yes but knowing my mom could look Kasey in the eyes and willingly give her daughter up to that sweet man, meant everything to me. She's always said, "He is your soulmate".

Aside from his sisters and my best friend(s) this was kept a total secret. The following morning, he told his parents that he was going to ask me to marry him, and to me, their approval was equally as important.

Saturday, March 17th: He asked my Poppie.

Again, if you know anything about me, you know how much my grandparents mean to me. My Poppie has been the best father figure in my life that I could ever dream of having. He has chosen me time and time again and taught me what true love, acceptance, and dedication looks like. Kasey knew how important this decision was, and he wanted to receive the acceptance from his as well. I'll never forget the text I received from my poppie after he left telling me that Kasey made him cry. How the hell did I get so lucky?



This is the first pic I took of my ring!! The amount of times that we went back to "visit my ring" is comical. I would use ANY excuse I could. I knew that he had ordered the ring (not the same day we found it because hi, I'm indecisive and he thought I'd change my mind 50 times) but I had no idea when. Because my finger is so small, it had to be custom made, which meant it was something ridiculous like 14 weeks out, or so our Jeweler told me. 


Around the same time that we decided we wanted to get married, we found out that our sweet Rosie girl's sister was having a liter. We had gone back and forth so many times about wanting another puppy but as soon as we found out it would be in Rosie's bloodline, we were sold. 

The timing was perfect, or so he thought.

The first time we were going to see our baby Bentley, Kasey asked me to check the text from the woman who was breeding her (also a good family friend of ours), for the address. Directly above the address was a text that read something like, "Yes you can take him at six weeks *insert exact date* but I will tell her (ME) eight". ..... You can guess what happens next.

I freaked out and was so excited and so happy, but I had ruined the surprise. If you didn't put the two together, Kasey was planning on proposing with the puppy. 

Although he was bummed he stayed with the plan, and we had just accepted the fact that I was going to know the exact date we were going to get engaged (LOL). 


Lots of waiting, NOT patiently. 

April 19th: Kasey spilled the beans that he had my ring.

In our relationship, we don't do surprises well. AND I tried it on (apparently that's bad luck). But HELLLOOO I couldn't not. 

So I just kept waiting because I knew that he was going to propose June 22nd (I think), the day we were picking up Bentley.


The night before he proposed I found the ring hiding, put it on and ran into the other room where I FaceTimed my best friend. The obsession is real, y'all. 


May 12th, 2018. The sweetest man in the entire world asked me to spend the rest of our lives together. EEEK!!!


& it WAS a surprise. 


On Saturday May 12th, we spent the day out together and were planning on celebrating his birthday with his family that night. We got ready and went over to his parents house for dinner. We got back from dinner and we were hanging out outside on the deck with everyone, listening to music & I decided that I wanted his sister to take pictures of us because I didn't have any recent ones. (Here they are, pre-proposal).


I literally had NO idea. NO ONE DID. We were in the middle of taking pictures, he kissed me (the last pic), walked away from me and went inside.

I figured he was just over taking photos so he dismissed himself but what I didn't know, is that he went behind me and told his sister to keep taking photos as he went inside.

A few seconds maybe a minute later, he turned off the music, walked outside and got on one knee (why am I crying, again while writing this.. best day of my life!)


The BEST day of my life & the perfect surprise.

The first thing I did was called my mama to come over and celebrate because since Kasey decided to propose unplanned, she wasn't there with us :(

But she came over with cake & champagne and we had a bonfire and again, had THE best. night. ever.


I feel so over the moon blessed that not only do I get to make memories with my best friend for the rest of my life, but I get such an amazing second family. Beyond blessed.


These pictures are probably my favorites. His sister (I owe you my life Abbie) took photos of us all night. We went through waves of it hitting us how real it was that we get to spend FOREVER together. Best. Day. Ever. 


Okay so.... I've been SO torn whether or not I wanted to share this footage because it's 100% unedited and real and it was absolutely perfect. My one request about his proposal was that it needed to be recorded. As soon as his sister realized what was going on, she kept taking photos but ALSO picked up the phone and started recording JUST as he popped that perfect question.. ABBIE YOU'RE THE BEST!

Here it is!!! Our proposal video: 

Maddie Stanton