Feelin' 22

Holy, hi. Long time no post!! Things have been absolutely crazy, hence why I haven't posted about my birthday which was nearly a month ago. (Slacker). 

The weekend before my birthday, Kasey and I decided to run away for the weekend and went to Brasada Ranch. HOW BEAUTIFUL is that place... oh my. I honestly didn't want to leave and we've already started talking about planning our next trip back there. If you haven't gone and you're thinking about, just GO. Just plan it, pack your stuff and GO. Seriously. Don't worry about the money.. I know it's way easier said than done but seriously. I L O V E my "things" my unnecessary purchases but I would hands down rather go to beautiful places and have beautiful adventures than beautiful "things". 


Every morning we woke up and had such a cute yummy breakfast and then went down and fed the horsies.... They were all SO cute and excited it made my heart SO happy! 

We didn't do too much of anything this trip we spent most of the time in our room snuggled up under the covers with our fire on listening to music and laughing/ talking about our journey so far.

I definitely took a wrong turn on the way there (as always....) Why does he still let me drive..? We left a little too late and then on the way there I had to stop at Target (duh) to get snacks for our hotel room. Did I think we were going to starve? Yes. 

To make matters worse, it had started to snow and it was completely dark while we drove over the pass. SO when I took the worst wrong turn in history of ever, we went onto a road that was NOT paved (hehe). 

One of those where he told me to go left so I went right. Cause who doesn't do that?! Obviously we made it there and we survived but let's just say Kasey drove the rest of the time... Sorry babe!! Maybe one day I'll listen.

We did make it into town one day & got facials and shopped. He bought me this ridiculous doughnut that of course became Rosie's once we made it back to Portland. 


Who wore it better? Obviously Ro-Ro. 

Kasey and I didn't take a single picture together our entire trip and I'm SO sad about it!! We didn't take too many pictures at all, but we took tons of videos because we wanted to make a video of our trip just for our own memories... BUT I did a survey on Instagram and everyone said they'd rather see a VLOG than a blog... SO if you're one of those people then scroll to the bottom of the page & enjoy! 

Our trip was absolutely amazing. I'm obsessed.


My actual birthday was on a Thursday, and my grandparents flew back in town that Wednesday. My gram and I were planning on having a fun day together but when she came back from the East Coast she was SUPER sick with bronchitis :( poor baby!! 

BUT I did go out to lunch with some of the sweetest girls I've ever met in my LIFE & then surprised my mama at her office. SO lucky to have them in my life. 


I'm obsessed with my friends, I can't help it they're just the cutest ever! Quality over quantity. 



I couldn't leave you guys hanging with these outtakes.... 

Okay so below is my first ever "vlog" if you will. I was NOT intending to share this with anyone but Kasey, so my editing isn't the best and the footage is very shaky so I apologize in advance! First time for everything....You live & you learn... ENJOY!!

Maddie Stanton